AnySQL Maestro

AnySQL Maestro 13.2

It's a multi-purpose admin tool for database management, control and development
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AnySQL Maestro is a free utility that gives designers and developers the opportunity to create and manage database for MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, etc. in the easiest way. We can use this program for free for personal and professional needs alike.

The program allows us to configure the database connection parameters just once, thus saving us a lot of time and effort. When creating a database, we are guided along the process, and are presented with a list of OLE database providers. This program also provides a complete range of tools, commands, and options that can be customized to our needs and preferences. We are allowed to create, edit, and remove database profiles, connect to or disconnect from a database.

By using the program we can create and duplicate database objects, create new tables and change metadata, export and import data, manage and browse objects, and much more. There are many helpful database tools available, such as SQL Editor, Visual Query, SQL Scrip Editor, Extract Database Wizard, Generate Database Report Wizard, BLOB Viewer, Data Analysis, Database Designer, and SQL Generator. A printable help file is also available for downloading from the developer's site. We are invited to visit the developer's website in case we need specific tools for MySQL, MS SQL, and a huge number of database engines.

Review summary


  • Completely free
  • Helpful Wizards
  • Smart GUI
  • Create/manage database easily
  • Lots of tools


  • None at all
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